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Located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, A Look Into holds the core belief that when you know the people behind the product you have a more fulfilling experience. Using that product, service, or moment in time is the platform on which we introduce readers more fully to the individuals who created it. Knowing their stories from where they grew up, to when the idea of the product hit them, to how they have seen it change lives and perspectives is the path on which we take readers to a more satisfying end.

Our Founder


Colby Wegter

Iowa farm raised, New York educated, Minnesota shaped. That’s Colby Wegter. From growing up near a town without a stop light to working in NYC’s Chinatown to finally landing in St. Paul, Colby looks to converse, to learn and attempt to tell. He feels more at home in Minnesota than anywhere else and enjoys her beauty on the daily. You’ll often find him trying to brew the perfect beer, write the perfect poem or find the perfect cup of coffee.

Photo: Bethany Schrock

Check out a recent interview Colby did with Stephanie Hansen on the Makers of Minnesota Podcast!

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